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Dawn Mann is a walking testimony of God shattering the lies that this world is dishing out.  Sexual, verbal, emotional and spiritual abuse, resulted in sexual identity confusion for Dawn. 

Dawn is a Justice Ambassador for Prison Fellowship and a Celebrate Recovery leader and  launched the Facebook ministry group, “Breaking Free,” a safe place for others to come together with the essentials of the unity of the One True Spirit. She is also part of other ministries shining a light on the prison of addiction, abuse, and sexual confusion. 

She is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (

God has given her a purpose with profound passion in her heart to see others set free. She is on a mission, under Christ's authority, to win souls for the kingdom of God.


If you would like to request a media interview or for her to speak at your event , fill out the contact form below. 

Listen to Dawn's Testimony

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